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Standards of Care

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EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY is focused on clinical management and therapy outcomes. We do that by making sure that physician orders are processed and dispensed as prescribed. Taking into consideration timely delivery, proper patient education, and continuous monitoring and reporting. We understand the financial, logistical, and coverage challenges, and we do our best to overcome all related difficulties by working with patients, physicians, insurance companies, organizations, support groups, etc.

Our goal is to be recognized as the pharmacy of choice when it comes to optimizing patient care and wellness.

Benefits Investigation (BI)

EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY has a dedicated department available to investigate and determine coverage for the prescribed medication by utilizing technology or contacting insurance companies. All done in an expedited manner while keeping the prescriber informed throughout the process whenever needed.

Prior Authorizations (PA)

  • EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY will initiate P/A request and take care of future P/A renewal.
  • EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY aims to eliminate unnecessary burden on both the prescriber and the patient by obtaining, facilitating, tracking, and completing PA criteria as required by T/P.
  • Our Clinical department will ensure that all needed information are submitted with initial request to prevent delays and unnecessary communication.
  • Physician’s office will be updated and contacted if necessary to obtain or maintain prior authorizations to appeal any rejections.

Patient Training and Counseling

  • EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY will provide proper training whenever needed to ensure correct usage/administration/disposal of dispensed medications in addition to providing standard written patient education to patients for all medications dispensed.
  • EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY will provide one-on-one or phone-based reinforcement of injection-site training when requested.
  • EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY can also coordinate with third-party nursing services or manufacturer support of in-home nurse injection training.

Clinical Reviews

EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY conducts patient assessments, refill-assessments, and other related clinical management activities on a continuous basis. These clinical activities are targeted to optimize patient therapy and clinical outcomes.

Welcome Calls

EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY clinical department will conduct a standardized initial assessment during the initial welcome call. Sometimes, a survey provided by the manufacturer is completed during the call depending on the medication being dispensed or the disease state. The purpose of this welcome call is to introduce the patient to the new therapy and make sure important information is collected/delivered from/to patient.

Disease, Product & News/Events Information

EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY will provide manufacturer-provided printed materials to patients when starting a new therapy, if available. We can also provide information regarding disease state and other related data, such as support groups and funding resources.


EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY delivers medications to patients via its own fleet and coordinates with a third-party carrier to facilitate some deliveries and/or shipments. Shipping and Delivery protocol is designed with the integrity of the product in mind, as well as the convenience and urgency per the patient’s or prescribing physician’s instructions.

Refill Process

  • Patients with valid prescriptions will receive calls from EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY to make sure refills are processed and delivered on time to ensure continuation of therapy per doctor’s order.
  • EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY utilizes technology and dedicated staff members to call, text, and/or email patients with refill reminders, medication orders, insurance follow-up, patient wellness check, ongoing delivery coordination, and other therapy-related reasons.

Transfer to Mandated Specialty Pharmacy or Hub

If EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY cannot process a prescription, our clinical services department will forward it to the appropriate contracted specialty pharmacy and follow up with the prescribing physician to eliminate any delay and facilitate the dispensing process of prescribed medication.

Prescriber Education

  • EXPRESS SPECIALTY PHARMACY can provide enhanced peer-to-peer education for prescribers and their staff per request.
  • Training can include more efficient ways to reduce prior authorization processing time and increase success rate, specialty medications handling, and administration among other training topics.

If you would like to learn more about us and how we can serve you today, please give us a call at 1-833-797-9791.